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You just need to click the button "Compare" at the end of the box for each cruise. Choose 2-3 cruises and then see their difference to find out which one is the best for you.

It's around 140 km, 3 - 3.5 hour drive. Good road condition.

It's around 180 km - about 3.5 drive. Good road condition but quite crowded at the weekend and national holidays.

It's about 195 km, 4 – 4.5h drive. Good road condition.

Located in the North of Vietnam, Halong Bay shows the distinctive climate of the region in 4 seasons:

Spring: drops on March, April. The cool weather is wonderful with bright skies and comfortable temperature. There're also chances to do some water activities like kayaking, swimming or just lazily laying on the deck to sunbath.

Summer: drops on May, June, July and August. It's the hottest time of the year, though still a good time to visit Halong Bay. Be prepared that there's high possibility of typhoon so your trip might be cancelled unexpectedly.  These storms normally last within 2-3 days and only about 3 - 5 times in a year.

Autumn: drops on September, October and November. Together with spring, it's considered the best time of the year with mild temperature and clear bright skies. Still good for swimming. Gorgeous sunlight makes it the best place for sunrise and sunset photos.

Winter: drops on December, January, and February. It's cool in general and sometimes gets very cold as well as foggy. Some tourists are interested in the fog as the Bay looks very mystic whereas some others may find it annoying.

So you can travel to Halong Bay all year around but from the end of March till October should be the best period.

If you don't want to stay overnight on a cruise, Novotel Halong is the best choice for accommodation to enjoy the city and the Bay according to Trip Advisior.

Located on the water front of Halong, it's only 5 minutes drive to the sea shore and the city. Novotel offers stunning view from the room with super large window. Rooms are stylish, very well designed and furnished with charming decoration and all-you-need amenities.

Breakfast is rich with wide ranges of selection. Most clients are satisfied with the quality and the taste of the food in Novotel. Bar with lots of excellent beverage would also highlights. 

There are lots of caves to visit on Halong Bay, for example: Sung Sot, Thien Cung, Dau Go, Me Cung... Among them, Sung Sot (Amazing Caves) and Dau Go are among the best in term of beauty with interesting rock formations and stalagmites.

Thanks to their stunning beauty, these caves are among the most favorite sites but also quite crowded with tourists every day.

Therefore, those who love quiet atmosphere can visit Me Cung Cave (Maze Cave) instead, with a nice view from the top. 

Yes, it's possible but not a really good way to get to Halong Bay due to timing.

You can take the tourist train Halong Express departing from Gia Lam station at 07:05 AM. It takes about 5 hours to get to Halong. Price is USD 15/way / person (for foreigners).

The train arrives at Halong Train Station which is 4 km from the Bai Chay Tourist Wharf.

Yes. You can take buses departing from Luong Yen or My Dinh bus station to Bai Chay station, Halong city. The first bus departs at 06:00 AM and the last one at 17:00 pm (the journey takes around 3- 4 hours) every 15 minutes. Tickets prices range from USD 5/ way/pax for normal bus and USD 10/way/pax for sleeping bus.

Private car would guarantee the most flexible and comfort as well as on time for your cruise.

If you want to experience in a luxury way, you can choose a seaplane from Hanoi Airport to Halong Bay. It takes only 45 minutes and you will have amazing time to view Halong Bay from the sky.

  • Dau Go Cave
  • Thien Cung Cave
  • Sung Sot Cave
  • Ti Top Island
  • Cua Van Floating Village
  • Soi Sim Island
  • Bai Tu Long Bay
  • Fighting cocks Island
  • Luon Cave
  • Vung Vieng Floating Village

In addition to enjoying wonderful landscape, there are lots of things to do on Halong Bay, for example: swimming, kayaking, enjoying a rowing boat, taking photos, exploring caves, climbing to the top of  Titop island to get a panoramic view... Moreover, flying with a seaplane to admire amazing bird view over Halong Bay is one of the best activities you can try in this UNESCO site.

A day cruise honestly is not enough to enjoy the beauty of Halong Bay, not to mention long distance from Hanoi to get to Halong Bay. We would recommend an overnight cruise, which can show you further part of the Bay as well as astonishing sunrise and sunset on the sea. 

However, if your time is limited (for example, you travel on an oversea cruiseship, you can take 4 - 6 hour day cruise around Halong Bay as a shore excursion).

Normally it is included all things you need to enjoy Halong Bay: food and mineral water, accommodation on boat, transportation service, some activities like cooking class, kayaking, cave exploring...

It depends on which cruise you choose, but in general cruises serve a buffet Asian and European breakfast, menu for lunch and dinner. Set menu includes various Vietnamese dishes, seafood. They also serve vegetarian food on request.

There are many good cruises for family with kids thanks to connecting rooms or family cabins.

For those who like big cruise can try Startlight, Signature, Galaxy Premium...

For those who prefer small junk with less cabin can consider Violet, Aphrodite, Paloma, Glory Legend.

More luxurious private cruises are Valentine (2 cabins), Prince (2 or 4 cabins), Paloma Family (2 cabins), Victory Star (2 cabins)...

For honeymooners, small private cruises are highly recommended: L'azalee (1 cabin), Bhaya  Legend (1 cabin)... and the best choice in term of services is Princess Junk (1 cabin).

For the youth, we would recommend Halong party Cruise, oriental Sales or Gray Line Cruise with many interesting activities like cycling through Viet Hai village, rain forest and rice fields on Cat Ba Island, kayaking, swimming, sunbathing, exploring its exclusive floating house.

To try this type of adventure, you can choose the 3 day 2 night itinerary of Oriental Sail with an optional acitivity of rock climbing, in addition to many activities (kayaking, swimming, sunbathing and taking photos). Minimum 2 pax to oganize this activity.

According to your available time, you can choose to cruise on Halong Bay or take a city tour of Hanoi.

It is best if you have 3 day or 2 day on a Halong cruise and enjoy the Bay with magnificent island and blue water. However, if you have limite dtime, a day cruise would also a good alternative option. All cruises departs at about 12:00 noon, so you should be at the habour at around 11:30.

You can also book a city tour of Hanoi. It's about 4 hour drive each way, and you can see Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, the Old Quarter, Sword Lake, Temple of Literature as well as go shopping for souvenirs, silk and lots of traditional handicraft of Vietnam.

In fact, many travelers feel regret that they did not take the 2-night cruise to fully enjoy the beauty of the Bay. 1 night option is quite popular among tourists but in fact 2-night is the best choice.

There are many cheap non-private day cruises on Halong Bay, but we would recommend private Image Cruise or Indochina Junk  for the best experience.

According to our clients' feed back as well as reviews from thousands travellers in the world on Trip Advisor, here is the 10 best cruises on Halong Bay:

  • Paradise Peak Cruise
  • Paradise Luxury Cruise
  • Paradise Privilege Cruise
  • Jasmine Cruise
  • Violet Cruise
  • Indochina Sails
  • Indochina Junk
  • Dragon Legend Cruise
  • The Au Co Cruise
  • Aphrodite Cruise

The cave dinner is really an amazing experience for travelers to Halong Bay thanks to its fabulous, magical and romantic ambiance. Private cruises can arrange dinner in cave on request. How about non-private cruise? You can find this special activity included in the package of Dragon’s Pearl Junk (2 night trip) or La Fairy Sails (both 1 night and 2 night package).

Both wooden junks and steel boats are good choices to enjoy Halong Bay.

Normally, steel boats are big with lots of cabins, therefore lots of tourists on board and it's preferred by Asian travelers.

Wooden junks are more charming and traditional (still very modern amenities) with less cabin, therefore suitable for those who love privacy and quiet ambience.

It's up to your taste to decide junk or steel boat for your Halong Bay trip!

Keep in mind that you would disembark the cruise at around 10:30 - 11:30, and according to where to go; you can check certain date for exact flight time to choose the most suitable one. From Halong Bay, it takes only 2 hour drive to Hai Phong Airport and 3-3.5 hour to Hanoi Airport. According to our experience:

  • Flying to Danang: you should choose Hanoi Airport because at this moment, flight from Hai Phong Airport departs around noontime and you might not check in on time for the flight. Hanoi Airport offers much more flights to Danang, and you can choose a suitable one for a relaxing drive.
  • Flying to Ho Chi Minh City: you can choose Hai Phong Airport with 3 flights per day provided by Vietnam Airlines. Hanoi Airport, again, has more flights to Ho Chi Minh till midnight, but Hai Phong takes shorter drive, so you will save some time.