Top 5 Caves in Halong Bay that Make you Fall in Love

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A cruise in Halong Bay will not be completed without one or two trips in the magnificent caves in the region. With the guarantee of satisfaction, you will also be surprised at the magnificent rock formations presenting in each cave. You will not only learn more about the natural wonders of Halong Bay but also several the special folk tales or stories related to those destinations.

1. Sung Sot Cave (Surprising Cave)

Located in the heart of Halong Bay, Sung Sot Cave is the finest example of the cave system in this UNESCO World Heritage. Slowly venture into the cave, you will travel through the ancient trees and great stone blocks before encountering the entrance. From the very first chamber, you can contemplate stunning stalactite hanging on the ceiling. 

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There are some other fascinating sights in the grotto as well, including the rock formations looking like a sword and a horse. The tale has been told that when Saint Giong defeated the invaders, he left a stone horse and blade here to protect villagers. Thus, you should remember to bring along a camera and capture the stunning beauty of Sung Sot Cave.

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2. Trinh Nu Cave

For such a long time in the past, the cave has become the symbol of love in the minds of Vietnamese people. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful maiden, but her family was extremely poor and had to work for the lord of the region. One day, the Lord had sighted the beauty of the maiden and decided to make her his concubine. Since she had been deeply in love with a man, she refused the lord and was exiled to the island and left to die before turning into the stone. While finding the love of his life, her lover was also died and become a stone.

Top Caves in Halong Bay 2.jpgVisiting Trinh Nu Cave, tourists expect to encounter numerous stunning stones and boulders in different shapes and sizes. One notable one is a limestone statue at the entrance resembling a girl with long hair facing the sea in vain. 

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3. Dau Go Cave

Dau Go Cave is a famous destination for tourists from all over the world for a long time. Travelers commented at the huge size of the cave and great artificial light support inside. Like the others, Dau Go encourages the imaginative mind of the tourists with hundred pillars and stone statues. Even though a lot of visitors pouring in every day, the cave still offers an exquisite cave exploration.

Top Caves in Halong Bay 5.jpgIts name is based on a true historical event in the 13th century when the Mongolian invaded Vietnam. Vietnamese army used wooden stakes on Bach Dang River to trap the war ships of the Mongon. Local people said that this was the place where Vietnamese military stored their secret weapons.

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4. Thien Cung Cave

Thien Cung is also a quite large cave in Halong Bay, providing grandiose scenes for capturing. The name can be translated to Heavenly Palace which is reflected by the rock formations in the cave. In the center, there are 4 pillars supporting the ceiling of the cave and strange rock statues looking like birds, fishes, and fairies. The wind blows through the cave, hits the stone and creates the drum sound. All of this recreate the gorgeous and cheerful wedding scene between a beautiful maiden and the Dragon Prince after he helped the people from the drought.

Top Caves in Halong Bay 7.jpgVisiting the cave, tourists will be astounded at the colorful and dreamy scene inside like they have entered the heaven.

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5. Tam Cung Cave

Only several kilometers from Sung Sot grotto, Tam Cung Cave remains a wonderful choice for anyone who loves exploring Halong Bay Cave. After entering the crack on the wall, you will encounter a whole different world inside. Tam Cung Cave or Three-palace Cave has three chambers, each one containing the significant symbol of the cave. In the first chamber, you may spot an “old man” with white beard climbing the mountain. Proceed and tourists will meet a stone lion, seal and sea gods, all invoke the creativity of visitors. Last but not least, in the last chamber, people say that there are impressive flowers, curtains, bamboos made of limestone.

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—> Halong is definitely the place for you not only to see stunning caves but also to discover a priceless natural complex of stone, water, forest. Besides Halong Bay, there are many other fascinating destinations in Vietnam, feel free to check them out on our website

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