Top 9 Things to Do in Halong Bay Vietnam

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Halong Bay is recognized by UNESCO as the natural wonder of the world and it is both internationally and domestically among the most visited landscapes in Vietnam by tourists. The ideal weather for holidays and vacations is autumn. Because in winter it is not so cold as the west and in spring it gets too much rainy and is covered with fog, all the time. These conditions are not ideal for tourists as it can affect their activities.By touring this natural wonder, one not only will be able to see eye some catching views but also enjoy some very amazing things to do.

1. Board Sleeping

After arriving at a touring place, the first thing tourists do is to find a nice hotel to spend the night. Although very new hotels are being established on the island but experienced tourists suggest spending at least one night boarding a board. There are variety of boats available from low to high cost, of course boats of higher cost will be much more comforting then the others.

things to do in halong bay

2. Tai Chi

To improve mental and physical health martial arts called Tai Chi which has been performed in china for thousands of years. You could achieve a lot of benefit if you perform tai chi in the exquisite natural beauty of Halong Bay. It will bring to you a wonderful experience of watching sun rise, breathing in the air, and practicing Tai Chi.

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3. Cycling in Halong Bay

To properly enjoy atmosphere as well as wonderful setting on the beaches of Halong Bay cycling has become a wonderful thing to do. Cycling is wonderful for those tourists who want to explore while enjoying the natural beauty of Halong Bay and stare at its exquisite landscapes.

things to do in halong bay 3

4. Riding on Catba Island

Cat Ba is an island which is considered to be the biggest of Halong Bay. In addition to its eye caching natural beauty it is home to a variety of wild life animals. You can enjoy the natural beauty of Cat Ba by exploring the hidden lakes, waterfalls, wild life species or going under water to discover different marine life forms.

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5. Swimming

Cat Ba island is blessed with clean and sparkling sea water, which makes it a perfect place for enjoying the natural beauty of island by swimming. The tourists can forget about the fuss of daily life and refresh themselves with a cool swim in the sea water.

things to do in halong bay 5

6. Mountain Climbing

A must-to-do item on your list, mountain climbing has been an underdeveloped sport here. Halong Bay is regarded as one of the most beautiful mountain sites in the world. The limestone islands here, number to more than 3000. There are few routes here, made for climbing. Be sure, to try some.

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7. Cave Dining

Halong Bay is home to some the ancient, historic and mesmerizing caves in the world. The increasing popular activity here, is cave dining. Tourists use this opportunity to relax and have a beautiful, quiet and romantic dinner with their loved ones. Do try it.

things to do in halong bay 7

8. Sunbathing

Maybe the most relaxing thing to do here in Halong bay, is sunbathing. The Bay is home to amazing sites, caves, limestone islands, beaches etc. All of where, you can enjoy a nice sunbath and relieve yourself from the hustle of daily life.

things to do in halong bay 8

9. BBQ

This is one the most fun activities that you can do here in Halong Bay. Having a BBQ with your friends and loved ones is feeling like none other. In the light of the setting sun or dawn, you can enjoy a delicious meal by the beach.

things to do in halong bay 9

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